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Honda, one of the hallmarks in the automotive industry, a factory's first bike in the world, not only the work-based company on the piece, but many manufactures of electrical and mechanical equipment which makes a company unique in the field.

Honda seeks a future to be one of the best brands in the world of cars to achieve customer satisfaction and more success, and successful business.

The main goal of Honda cars from entering the field not only search for a new adventure and prove oneself in the new area, but overcome all obstacles and exceeding performance expectations of Honda experts and customers.

Honda has produced many cars featured in the automotive industry the most important of those cars Honda Accord, which is one of the featured productions in 2010 and despite some disadvantages such as low ceiling of the car, but the features make car lovers overlook any slight imperfections.

the Al-Futtaim Trading is the only Honda dealer in Egypt and the company aims to increase rates of Honda sales in 2012 to take the lead in the car market in Egypt.

Model Property power Price
HRV 2021 Automatic / i-VTEC DX 1800 72,335 Riyal
HRV 2021 Automatic / i-VTEC LX 1800 82,110 Riyal
Civic 2021 Automatic / LX Sport 1600 87,285 Riyal
HRV 2021 Automatic / i-VTEC EX 1800 95,335 Riyal
CRV 2021 Automatic / DX 2WD 2400 105,685 Riyal
Accord 2021 Automatic / LX 1500 109,710 Riyal
Civic 2021 Automatic / RS 1500 114,310 Riyal
Accord 2021 Automatic / LX Sport 1500 121,785 Riyal
Accord 2021 Automatic / EX 1500 127,535 Riyal
CRV 2021 Automatic / EX Plus AWD 2400 132,135 Riyal
Odyssey J 2021 Automatic / EX 2400 132,135 Riyal
Accord 2021 Automatic / EXL 1500 139,035 Riyal
Pilot 2021 Automatic / LX 2WD 3500 149,385 Riyal
CRV 2021 Automatic / Touring AWD 2400 151,110 Riyal
Odyssey J 2021 Automatic / EX V 2400 151,190 Riyal
Accord 2021 Automatic / Sport 2000 152,835 Riyal
Odyssey 2021 Automatic / LX 3500 160,885 Riyal
Odyssey 2021 Automatic / EXL 3500 173,500 Riyal
Pilot 2021 Automatic / EX-L AWD 3500 183,885 Riyal
Pilot 2021 Automatic / EX AWD 3500 189,635 Riyal
Odyssey 2021 Automatic / Touring 3500 200,095 Riyal
Pilot 2021 Automatic / Touring AWD 3500 202,285 Riyal

Honda Showrooms


Thuqba S/R

Dharan Road, Opposite Al Rashid Mall, Al-Khobar, 307

tel: 966038951962
fax: 966038893855


Qaseem Branch

King Abdul aziz Road, Beside Royal Palace, Buraidah, 633

tel: 966063816751
fax: 966063816153


Dammam S/R

Dammam - Khobar Expressway, Industrial Area No.1, After Dammam Askan, Dammam, 307

tel: 966038473000
fax: 966038471973


Medina Branch

King Abdulaziz road near Oil Petrol Station Medina 3611


Gallery Alkaakih

Alkaakih - road Laith next fruit and vegetable market Mecca 5841


Mina Road

Al hendawya - King Khalid against the Sudanese Embassy in Jeddah 44


Madina Road

road the city - Kilo 14 Bawadi neighborhood next to the Interior Ministry building - public security Jeddah 44


Madina Rd.

Madinah Raod Kilo 14 Al Bawadi Dist., Beside Ministry of Interior, Jeddah, 44
tel: +966-02-6621500
fax: +966-02-6621640


Al Jubail S/R

Abu Ali Road to Royal Commission, Al Khonaini Building, Jubail, 307

tel: 966033616565
fax: 966033616464


Kharj S/R

King Abdul aziz Road, Beside Al-Kharj Tower, Kharj, 314

tel: 966015502333
fax: 966015502444


Almadina branch

King Abdul Aziz Street, Beside Naft Gas Station, Madinah Al Munawarah, 3611
tel: +966-04-8640180
fax: +966-04-8640192



Al Leeth Road Al Kakiyah, Beside Vegitable & Fruit Market, Makkah, 5841
Tel: +966-02-6621500
Fax: +966-02-6621640


Gallery Kharj

King Abdul Aziz Road next to Burj Al-Kharj Kharj 314


Gallery Khalidiya

Kharj Road North versus Mall Riyadh 314 colors


Khurais gallery

Khurais against Carrefour supermarket Riyadh 314



Al-Olaya Al-Aam Road, Riyadh Gallery, Riyadh, 314

tel: 966014569492
fax: 966014505281

Khurais S/R

Khurais Road, In front of Carrefore Super Market, Riyadh, 314
tel: +966-01-4454646
fax: +966-01-2087044


Branch Tabuk

road the city next to the mosque stubbornness Ahlgred Tabuk 850


Western Zone Kia Sales

Jizan branch

King Abdul Aziz Street Al Safa Dst., Beside Al Rajhi Bank, Gizan, 225
fax: 966073214063

Honda Dearler Network


Abdullah Hashim Company Ltd.

P. 0.21411 b Jeddah - Saudi Arabia


Honda CRX White - Km Ta’if
date_range 2021-09-22
Honda Element Gray 200,000 Km Riyadh
date_range 2021-09-19
Honda Integra White 20,000 Km Riyadh
date_range 2021-09-19
Honda Accord Red LX Automatic / full option2.4 DX 130,000 Km Tabuk
date_range 2021-09-18
Honda Accord Gray 190,000 Km Riyadh
date_range 2021-09-14

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